Focus Group LLC - spoken chamber opera on topics of little importance (more info)
Hannah Bureau - violin, Eric Hollander - viola, Bekah Dotzel - cello, Alec Watson - piano, Kenan Serenbetz - harmonium, ETP - compositions, voice        listen      watch

The World Without Parking Lots - ongoing dead end recording project
various             listen              watch

Vesper Chimes - quiet hallelujah music and old hymns vaguely recalled
Hannah Bureau - violin, guitar, singing   ETP - guitar, singing          listen   watch

Iverson - triumph of keyboard and universal love rock
Charles Iverson - voice, keyboards,  Gene Knific and Alec Watson - keyboards, Luc Parcell - bass, ETP - drums     listen     watch

DPCD - Alec Watson's songs of warmth and devotion
Alec Watson - songs, guitar, voice, Kenan Serenbetz - guitar and harmonium, ETP - guitar

Dog/Duck Brain Ragtime Band - revisionist ragtime with circus antics
ETP - drums, clarinet, compositions    various others     listen    watch

Golden Boys - Luc Parcell's gigantic manic protest groove music
Luc Parcell - Bass and compositions, ETP - bass or drums, various others

Watson & Parcell - old songs played lovingly
Alec Watson - piano   ETP - drums, clarinet  

Karl - Brittany Karlson's songs, beautiful dogpile of wooden sounds
BK, bass, voice, songs  Sam Lisabeth and ETP, guitars 

Also a former member of:
Tredici Bacci - 14ish piece fake Italian pop orchestra
Simon Hanes - compositions, ETP - drums, various others   
Spooky Dangerfield: Long Lost Revival Band
Billy McShane - keyboard  Sam Lisabeth - guitar   Pat Kuehn - bass  ETP - drums  listen watch
Tsons of Tsunami - surf music for surfing
Simon Hanes - guitar   Arian Shafiee - bass  ETP - drums   
Party Waters and the College Tour - studies in how to make women scream
Angela Sawyer - voice, stuff    Nick Neuberg - percussion, melodica   ETP - clarinets    
Motorcycle Insurance - bad ideas but good practice
Sam Lisabeth - guitar    ETP, clarinet    
Flatlands - church almost improvised music
Alec Watson - piano, organ  Kenan Serenbetz - tenor saxophone  ETP - drums
Every Kim Parcell - rock band keen on learning
Katie McShane - guitar, voice, songs Alec Watson - guitar, voice
Jesse Heasly - keyboard   Matt Delligatti/Borey Shin - drums   ETP - bass 
Hannah Bureau and Mia Friedman, violins Kenan Serenbetz, banjo, voice, songs ETP, "kenalin" 
Daniel Pencer - saxophone Abby Swidler - violin/viola Henry Fraser - bass Borey Shin - piano
ETP - drums 

Billy's Boys Live!
Billy McShane - saxophone, various others listen
Garage Spa 
Dorsey Bass - bass  Billy McShane - saxophone  Cale Israel - trombone  Leah Hennessy - voice ETP, drums  
Young Boyhood
Andy Allen - saxophone, compositions Andrew Clinkman/Sam Lisabeth - guitars Jesse Heasly - bass
ETP, drums