Focus Group LLC

Focus Group LLC is an experimental opera ensemble formed in 2016 by Ethan T. Parcell.

Its members are: Hannah Bureau, Rebekah Dotzel, Eric Hollander, Ethan T. Parcell, Kenan Serenbetz, and Alec Watson.

Focus Group LLC is also a body of three operas.  The three pieces are inward-turning, conversational, and reaching toward something essential through smallness.


In 2018, Focus Group LLC recorded and released WORLD RECORD, an opera in three acts.

WORLD RECORD is an opera about a singer in the Midwest concerned with the past, present and future of world records. It is a piece about creation myth, perfect performance, natural disasters, retirement communities, youth culture, false promise, birth reckoning, and metal theft. It is told in 27 songs, and on recording, 3 phone calls.

In 2019, Focus Group LLC recorded and released WASTED LIGHT, an opera in one act by Ethan T. Parcell, a sequel to WORLD RECORD. 

WASTED LIGHT is an opera about singing in the midwest, taking the form of an unmetaphorical extended lecture on a broken LED billboard visible from a Chicago highway. It is a piece about meaning making, near ancestry, false promise, time passing, space passing, and billboards, and it is sung, spoken and played with smallness and hospitality. 


The songs and sounds from the opera WASTED LIGHT explored and expanded by Focus Group LLC with friends. 

The small fictions spread just a little wider and get stuck in your head. Five organs, new colors to explain familiar colors, a phone call, some nice kids, and an attempt to explain small inheritance checks.


On April 6 2019, Focus Group LLC will premiere WITNESS REUNION, an opera in seven parts alongside the Elgin Youth Symphony and Brass Choir.

It is an opera about singing in the form of a final acknowledgement of the human measurement urge, and a celebration of communal sound making. 

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Alec Watson, piano
Hannah Bureau, violin
Bekah Dotzel, cello
Eric Hollander, viola
Ethan T. Parcell, voice
Kenan Serenbetz, harmonium

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