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On the Gravity and Crisis (2016) wind quintet
Jack-Leg Herald Reply (2016) brass quintet or 5 brass quintets
Delicate Horse Piss Maneuver (2014) cello and tuba
Was Then and Ever Shall Be (2014) flute, viola, cello and optional spoken text
To Dan Rice, or his Ghost (2014) violin, trumpet, trombone, tuba
Preamble & Invention (2014) toy piano, cassette deck, hand-crank music box and playback (with optional mime)
Brother Sit Upright Work From Home (2013) toy piano, piano, 2 double basses, harmonicas and tin cans
From Three Years in Camp and Hospital (2013) violin, piano, 2 steel string guitars
Sorry Honey (2013) alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba
Harvest Quartet (2013) steel string guitar and string trio
New Wake Old Floorboards (2012) flute, oboe, vibraphone, piano
post office (2011) 4 trumpets and 2 percussionists
Six Pieces (2011) toy piano and string quartet

Solo, etc.
double the half/tie the whither [below upward third fifth continued] (2015) piano and optional tape
Leia Checks Her Messages (2014) flute and cassette deck
Harvest Music #18 (2014) steel string guitar, or as many guitars as possible
Shoestring Potatoes (2013) harpsichord
Harvest Music #13 (2013) violin
Sweet Gasoline Rag (2012) piano
Orbison Rag (2012) piano
Hi How Are You Rag (2012) piano

Dog Brain Rag (2011) piano

Builder's Chorale for Randy and Jason (2018) - 2 string quartets, wind quintet, brass quintet
Manifest Anyway (2017) orchestra
Father Grain Bringings (with Peaceable Salt Hereof) (2016)   orchestra 
Psalm 123 (2016) SATB chorus, piano, organ/string trio
GOOD NEWS (2013)    orchestra

WITNESS REUNION (2019) opera in seven parts for voice, piano, violin, organ, orchestra and brass choir
WASTED LIGHT (2019) opera in one act for voice and instruments
WORLD RECORD (2018) opera in three acts for voice, string trio, harmonium and piano
Little League (2016) singer and instruments
Preamble with World Record and Flat-Earth Evangelism (2015) Spoken text with ensemble
Supposed One Wind Agriculture (2014) as many harmonicas as possible
Harvest Music (2012-) opera for singers and instruments
Drum Solos (2011-) performer with drum kit

Music for Young People 
In Company of the Second, In Favor of the Controlled Burn (2018) - string orchestra
Alongside for the Fourth Part of Living Water - orchestra
New Breadfruit (2017) - band
No Evil Star (2017) - string orchestra
Creature Machine (2016) - open instrumentation
3 Drums (2015) - for 3 percussionists


Shiny Things [Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan] (2017) - brass choir, string quartet, voice and harmonica