The first thing to keep in mind is



I'm left handed, by the way

Don't be alarmed

We're going to start with the head

It is rounded

In a particular way

Imagine a pretty narrow letter “U”

turned upside down


Here we go


Now we're moving on to the beak.

This is unrealistic

Forgive me

It's a similar shape to the head

Perhaps a little less narrow

Make sure to overlap the right edge of your head shape

with the start of the beak

creating a nice little 90 degree angle on both sides 

of the intersection

here we go


Onto the duck's body

Have you ever seen an oval?

Imagine an oval but leave out the top right corner

Ovals don't have corners

Imagine instead

If the oval were to blossom

into a circle

the section of it

you could maybe call

“1 through 3 o'clock”

do you follow?

Remove that part, because that's where our head and beak lives

maybe I'll just show you

This part is fun

It's the duck's feet

Don't worry about them

They are easy

Now that the body is there

Imagine back

to our

“oval becomes a circle which is a clock” scenario

the feet are probably at 7 and 8 o'clock respectively

and they are just lines

The eyes of the duck are next

Eyes are what helps us to see

That's even true about real ducks

But with a real duck-

if you were looking at it in profile like we are

with ours-

you would probably only see one eye

but that's the case the case with this duck

We want to see both

so as to understand its expression more clearly

above the beak

inside the head

and now for our finishing touches

the wing

and the smile

both of these components

are false for distinct reasons

I don't think ducks smile

Our scenario in which we see both of our duck's eyes

Despite being in profile view

might not align with only seeing one wing


maybe it does

the wing is probably not just a straight line

but pretty close to one

the smile is nearly identical in shape

but inside the beak

here's one

and here's the other


This is a duck

It is what we can draw

we can draw it many times

we can tie knots

and eat breakfast most days

and attempt

to fill the planet with the highest quantity

of harmless things

and rid the planet of the highest quantity

of harmful things

or at least not fill the planet

with very many harmful things

can you hear my voice?

Listen to my voice


isn't this nice?

go ahead and add another zero or two


remove punctuation

for now


Day is good and long


Short is a smaller word than little


a horizon is horizontal

don't ask if me if anything is vertical


there are places that change

electricity into something else

whatever electricity isn't already

which isn't much but is probably plenty