From Three Years in Camp and Hospital

From Three Years in Camp and Hospital
for violin, piano, and 2 steel string guitars

Performed twice in 2013 by Hannah Bureau (violin), Alec Watson (piano), Sam Lisabeth and Andrew Clinkman (guitars).


From Three Years in Camp in Hospital was written in Winter and Spring of 2013 for a recital by violinist Hannah Bureau. The recital was themed on music borrowing from previously composed “participatory music” like hymns, barn dances, etc. This piece borrows from three tunes composed by E.W. Locke during the Civil War. Locke wrote a memoir called Three Years in Camp in Hospital chronicling his rejection from the Union army, causing him to convince President Lincoln and his Generals that he should at least be out on the fields raising morale as a musician. The bulk of the book consists of little episodic tales of Locke learning melodies that soldiers would sing and whistle to themselves, and then writing his own lyrics to them according to what was happening at that very moment. The finished memoir prints many of the tunes that figure into the story, and I used “We Must Not Fall Back Anymore”, a tune of community and coming together, “Brother, When Will You Come Back?”, a song of mourning and longing for the war to end, and “The Long Night is Ending”, a song of victory. Special thanks to Professor Jim Dalton for the initial exposure to Locke's book.