Links are provided for all available recordings. 
My releases as a leader are all on my bandcamp page. 

The World Without Parking Lots - You'll Have to Take My Word for It
Instruments, songs, singing listen

DPCD - It's Hard for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of God
guitar   listen

Focus Group Solutions - The New County Choruses
compositions, instruments and singing listen

Various Artists - Ghost Light: remixes from 'the light comes in the name of the voice'
voice and instruments on "The Steps" - listen

DPCD - Silent Shadows and Dreams
guitar - listen

Ethan T. Parcell - My Little Pet Hen
Bb and G clarinet - listen

Ethan T. Parcell - Frank's Easy Chair
tape etc. - listen

Ethan T. Parcell - Plays from the Operas Alone
guitar, piano, clarinet, keyboard, singing - listen


Focus Group LLC & Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra - Witness Reunion, an opera
voice and composition - listen

DPCD - False Virtue
guitars - listen

Hannah Bureau & Ethan T. Parcell - While The Bird Cooks
clarinet - listen

Focus Group LLC - Billboard Songs (Wasted Light Variations)
voice, organ, clarinet, instruments - listen

Focus Group LLC - WASTED LIGHT, an opera
compositions and voice - listen

The World Without Parking Lots - The Butcher Paper Blanket and a Goodnight's Sleep on Easter Grass
instruments - listen

The World Without Parking Lots - Seventh Song Counts the Engines
instruments and voice - listen

Iverson - Content 3.0
drums - listen

Focus Group LLC - WORLD RECORD, an opera in three acts
compositions and voice - listen

Ethan T. Parcell & Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestras - Six Pieces 2016-2018
compositions - listen

Ethan T. Parcell - Judy Garland Religious Experience No Wall of One Man's Family (self-released)
compositions, instruments - listen

DPCD - Good Visions
guitar - listen

Sleight of Hand - Eponym (Orb Tapes)
clarinet, alto clarinet, pocket trumpet - listen

Iverson - EP Blue
drums - listen

Ethan T. Parcell - How to Draw a Swimming Duck (self-released)
compositions - listen

Tredici Bacci - Amore per Tutti
drums - listen

Lindsay Kupser - Quiet Songs EP (self-released)
drums on 2 tracks - listen

Tredici Bacci - Vai! Vai! Vai! tape/digital (Astral Spirits)
drums - listen

Tredici Bacci - Thirteen Kisses LP (100% Breakfast / Feeding Tube)
drums - listen

Every Kim Parcell - Sour Don't cd/digital (Lungbasket)
elec. bass - listen

Karl - Feast Day cd/digital (Lungbasket)
guitar - listen


Vesper Chimes - occasional short day for also empty property cd/digital (Lungbasket)
guitar, singing, tape - listen

Young Boyhood / Andy Allen - Uncle Cadbury tape/digital (Friendship Tapes)
drums on Young Boyhood side  - listen

YDLMIER 050 3-Tape Box (YDLMIER)
clarinet on side D with Party Waters & the College Tour - info

Lichen - shake my bones cd/tape/digital (Lungbasket)
drums on 2 songs - listen

v/a - King Spring cd/digital compilation (Lungbasket)
The World Without Parking Lots contributed 1 track - "4.65" - listen

The World Without Parking Lots - Five Songs About Power Lines cd (Lungbasket)
instruments and compositions - listen

Spooky Dangerfield: Long Lost Revival Band - Wilke's Meat tape/digital (Blood Oath Slumber Party)
electric airplane (delay) - listen


Cowboy Band - Cowboy Songs cd/digital (Lungbasket)
drums - listen

v/a - Winter Whimsy cd/digital compilation (Lungbasket)
appearances by The World Without Parking Lots, Vesper Chimes, and Flatlands - listen

Tsons of Tsunami - Fearless Riders of the Holy Curl tape/digital (BUFU Records)
drums - listen

Ari and Mia - Land On Shore cd/digital (self released)
drums on 3 tracks - listen

Tredici Bacci - The Thirteen Kisses EP/Cassetta (NNA Tapes)
drums - listen

Cowboy Band / Con Tex - Tour Split 2013 tape (self released)
drums - listen

Vesper Chimes - s/t cd (self-released)
guitar, organ, singing


v/a - Autumnal Delicacy cd/digital compilation (Lungbasket)

guitar on 2 tracks - listen

PRCHR PRCHR - Familiar Music 1 cd/digital (Lungbasket)
drums - listen

The World Without Parking Lots - s/t (Lungbasket)
drums and compositions - listen